Chinese-born Xu Yue Juan moved to Italy more than 30 years ago. She caught the attention of the international fashion thanks to her role of ambassador of high class Made in Italy, mixing Eastern ancient technique with the tailoring taste of supreme Italian fashion quality.

Let yourself swept away by the suggestions that Xu Yue Juan creates, try the softness of the finest leathers, richness of wool, cashmeres and the seductiveness of silks; get lost in a kaleidoscope of shapes, lines, colorsand shades. Wear with pride the highest level of each smallest hand-made stitching or trimming.

This is the world that Xu Yue Juan and Delves-JK offer you.


Delves-JK is a unique reality in the Italian world of high-class fashion. The Delves-JK’s collection come from high quality fabrics and leather, entirely Made in Italy, tailored with extreme care through expert tailoring processes. Xu Yue Juan‘s creations are always modern and evocative. She is a fashion designer who is constantly looking for perfection.

Through the materials she gives shape to a luxury that is never banal. Delves-JK‘s woman and man are the center of an extremely refined elegance.

The distinctive features are simple: an uncompromising quality that always witnesses the pride and love for garmentes which must always reflect the quality and taste of Italian Couture.

Xu Yue Juan - Stilista Ambasciatrice Made in Italy